Quercus coccinea

Scarlet Oak

quercus coccinea scarlet oak
quercus coccinea scarlet oak
quercus coccinea scarlet oak autumn foliage
quercus coccinea scarlet oak autumn leaves
quercus coccinea scarlet oak autumn
quercus coccinea scarlet oak avenue
quercus coccinea scarlet oak driveway
quercus coccinea scarlet oak foliage
quercus coccinea scarlet oak mature tree

North American species, considered the most brilliantly-coloured oak with its fiery-scarlet autumn leaves which persist well into winter. Forms a stately specimen with an open-branching structure which allows lawn to grow underneath. More narrow-growing than most oaks.

Foliage Colour

Autumn Colour

exotic tree Exotic
deciduous tree Deciduous
street Street
paddocks Paddocks
shade Shade

10 Year Size

tree shape

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