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Pyrus pyrifolia ‘Reddy Robin’ – (Nashi Pear, Asian Pear)

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Tree heights and widths are indicative only and will be affected by the environmental conditions of the site the tree is planted in.


Looks and tastes like an apple, with the skin and texture of a pear. Very sweet and juicy. Also known as a Papple. Healthy, delicious fruit to snack on. Fruit ready to harvest from late-February to early-March. Partially self-fertile, but better crops when planted with another nashi pear variety. Deciduous tree that grows at a moderate rate to reach 4m in 10 years.

Additional information

Growth Rate



Deciduous, Edible, Exotic

Mature Height

3m – 5m

Flower Colour


Autumn Leaf Colour

Orange, Yellow


Clay Soils


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