Platanus orientalis – (Oriental Plane)

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Tree heights and widths are indicative only and will be affected by the environmental conditions of the site the tree is planted in.


Grows rapidly to form a large round headed tree. Bark peels off in large flakes to give a dappled appearance. Large leaves are deeply lobed. Where space permits, forms a handsome shade tree, perfect for large lawns, parks, avenues, and streets. Can be pruned heavily. Tolerant of pollution. Selected forms of the Oriental Plane that we stock are Platanus orientalis ‘Ace of Clubs’, Platanus orientalis ‘Alford Flame’, Platanus orientalis ‘Autumn Glory’, and Platanus orientalis ‘Fitzherbert’. Deciduous tree that grows at a fast rate to reach 9m (H) x 6m (W) in 10 years.

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