Picea sitchensis

Sitka Spruce

picea sitchensis
picea sitchensis
picea sitchensis sitka spruce beach
picea sitchensis sitka spruce fjord
picea sitchensis sitka spruce foliage
picea sitchensis sitka spruce new growth
picea sitchensis sitka spruce winter

Narrowly-conical growth with blue-green needles and yellow-brown cones.

exotic tree Exotic
evergreen tree Evergreen
conifer tree Conifer
Stem Foliage Flowers Fruit

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Taxonomy and Etymology

Genus: Picea

Species: Picea sitchensis

Common Name: Sitka Spruce

Description and Features

Description: Narrowly-conical growth with blue-green needles and yellow-brown cones.

Height: 10m

Width: 4m

Winter Foliage: Evergreen

Origin: Exotic

Types: Conifer


  • Summer: Blue, Green

  • Autumn: Blue, Green

  • Winter: Blue, Green

  • Spring: Blue, Green

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