Freight Pricing

All prices are per tree and exclude GST. Each region has a minimum freight charge.

Region Grade Size Price
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru Minimum $156.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru P3/1L/1.5L $2.50
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru P5/2L $3.10
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $4.30
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $6.50
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $11.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $20.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 20L/25L $28.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 30L/35L $34.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 40L/45L $42.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 50L/55L/60L/65L $49.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 70L/75L/80L/85L $68.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 90L/95L/100L/105L $117.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $184.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 200L/250L/300L/350L $273.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $545.00
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Ashburton/Timaru/Oamaru 2000L P.O.A
Auckland Minimum $105.00
Auckland P3/1L/1.5L $1.20
Auckland P5/2L $1.40
Auckland P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.70
Auckland P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $2.60
Auckland P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $9.00
Auckland P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $12.00
Auckland 20L/25L $24.00
Auckland 30L/35L $27.00
Auckland 40L/45L $36.00
Auckland 50L/55L/60L/65L $57.00
Auckland 70L/75L/80L/85L $57.00
Auckland 90L/95L/100L/105L $70.00
Auckland 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $103.00
Auckland 200L/250L/300L/350L $130.00
Auckland 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $355.00
Auckland 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Auckland 2000L P.O.A
Balclutha/Gore Minimum $191.00
Balclutha/Gore P3/1L/1.5L $3.10
Balclutha/Gore P5/2L $3.70
Balclutha/Gore P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $5.00
Balclutha/Gore P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $7.50
Balclutha/Gore P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $14.00
Balclutha/Gore P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $29.00
Balclutha/Gore 20L/25L $37.00
Balclutha/Gore 30L/35L $46.00
Balclutha/Gore 40L/45L $55.00
Balclutha/Gore 50L/55L/60L/65L $74.00
Balclutha/Gore 70L/75L/80L/85L $92.00
Balclutha/Gore 90L/95L/100L/105L $160.00
Balclutha/Gore 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $245.00
Balclutha/Gore 200L/250L/300L/350L $345.00
Balclutha/Gore 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $690.00
Balclutha/Gore 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Balclutha/Gore 2000L P.O.A
Blenheim/Nelson Minimum $140.00
Blenheim/Nelson P3/1L/1.5L $2.00
Blenheim/Nelson P5/2L $2.10
Blenheim/Nelson P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $3.00
Blenheim/Nelson P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $4.00
Blenheim/Nelson P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $11.00
Blenheim/Nelson P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $19.00
Blenheim/Nelson 20L/25L $24.00
Blenheim/Nelson 30L/35L $27.00
Blenheim/Nelson 40L/45L $36.00
Blenheim/Nelson 50L/55L/60L/65L $54.00
Blenheim/Nelson 70L/75L/80L/85L $54.00
Blenheim/Nelson 90L/95L/100L/105L $66.00
Blenheim/Nelson 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $185.00
Blenheim/Nelson 200L/250L/300L/350L $230.00
Blenheim/Nelson 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $347.00
Blenheim/Nelson 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Blenheim/Nelson 2000L P.O.A
Christchurch Minimum $140.00
Christchurch P3/1L/1.5L $2.00
Christchurch P5/2L $2.30
Christchurch P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $3.50
Christchurch P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $5.00
Christchurch P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $13.00
Christchurch P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $21.00
Christchurch 20L/25L $28.00
Christchurch 30L/35L $32.00
Christchurch 40L/45L $39.00
Christchurch 50L/55L/60L/65L $61.00
Christchurch 70L/75L/80L/85L $61.00
Christchurch 90L/95L/100L/105L $77.00
Christchurch 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $207.00
Christchurch 200L/250L/300L/350L $258.00
Christchurch 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $377.00
Christchurch 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Christchurch 2000L P.O.A
Dunedin/West Coast Minimum $160.00
Dunedin/West Coast P3/1L/1.5L $2.50
Dunedin/West Coast P5/2L $3.10
Dunedin/West Coast P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $4.30
Dunedin/West Coast P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $6.80
Dunedin/West Coast P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $14.00
Dunedin/West Coast P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $27.00
Dunedin/West Coast 20L/25L $35.00
Dunedin/West Coast 30L/35L $41.00
Dunedin/West Coast 40L/45L $51.00
Dunedin/West Coast 50L/55L/60L/65L $61.00
Dunedin/West Coast 70L/75L/80L/85L $81.00
Dunedin/West Coast 90L/95L/100L/105L $135.00
Dunedin/West Coast 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $212.00
Dunedin/West Coast 200L/250L/300L/350L $312.00
Dunedin/West Coast 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $623.00
Dunedin/West Coast 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Dunedin/West Coast 2000L P.O.A
Hamilton Minimum $105.00
Hamilton P3/1L/1.5L $1.20
Hamilton P5/2L $1.40
Hamilton P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.70
Hamilton P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $2.60
Hamilton P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $9.00
Hamilton P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $13.00
Hamilton 20L/25L $24.00
Hamilton 30L/35L $27.00
Hamilton 40L/45L $36.00
Hamilton 50L/55L/60L/65L $57.00
Hamilton 70L/75L/80L/85L $57.00
Hamilton 90L/95L/100L/105L $70.00
Hamilton 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $103.00
Hamilton 200L/250L/300L/350L $130.00
Hamilton 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $355.00
Hamilton 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Hamilton 2000L P.O.A
Hawkes Bay Minimum $80.00
Hawkes Bay P3/1L/1.5L $0.90
Hawkes Bay P5/2L $1.00
Hawkes Bay P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.20
Hawkes Bay P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $1.50
Hawkes Bay P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $8.00
Hawkes Bay P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $10.00
Hawkes Bay 20L/25L $16.00
Hawkes Bay 30L/35L $22.00
Hawkes Bay 40L/45L $28.00
Hawkes Bay 50L/55L/60L/65L $41.00
Hawkes Bay 70L/75L/80L/85L $41.00
Hawkes Bay 90L/95L/100L/105L $51.00
Hawkes Bay 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $80.00
Hawkes Bay 200L/250L/300L/350L $100.00
Hawkes Bay 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $277.00
Hawkes Bay 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Hawkes Bay 2000L P.O.A
Invercargill/Central Otago Minimum $212.00
Invercargill/Central Otago P3/1L/1.5L $2.70
Invercargill/Central Otago P5/2L $3.50
Invercargill/Central Otago P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $5.20
Invercargill/Central Otago P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $7.60
Invercargill/Central Otago P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $16.00
Invercargill/Central Otago P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $33.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 20L/25L $39.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 30L/35L $49.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 40L/45L $59.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 50L/55L/60L/65L $74.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 70L/75L/80L/85L $104.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 90L/95L/100L/105L $160.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $240.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 200L/250L/300L/350L $356.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $703.00
Invercargill/Central Otago 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Invercargill/Central Otago 2000L P.O.A
Taranaki Minimum $80.00
Taranaki P3/1L/1.5L $1.00
Taranaki P5/2L $1.20
Taranaki P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.50
Taranaki P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $2.10
Taranaki P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $8.00
Taranaki P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $11.00
Taranaki 20L/25L $19.00
Taranaki 30L/35L $25.00
Taranaki 40L/45L $30.00
Taranaki 50L/55L/60L/65L $44.00
Taranaki 70L/75L/80L/85L $44.00
Taranaki 90L/95L/100L/105L $54.00
Taranaki 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $88.00
Taranaki 200L/250L/300L/350L $109.00
Taranaki 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $315.00
Taranaki 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Taranaki 2000L P.O.A
Taupo/Rotorua Minimum $80.00
Taupo/Rotorua P3/1L/1.5L $1.00
Taupo/Rotorua P5/2L $1.20
Taupo/Rotorua P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.50
Taupo/Rotorua P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $2.10
Taupo/Rotorua P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $8.00
Taupo/Rotorua P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $11.00
Taupo/Rotorua 20L/25L $19.00
Taupo/Rotorua 30L/35L $25.00
Taupo/Rotorua 40L/45L $30.00
Taupo/Rotorua 50L/55L/60L/65L $44.00
Taupo/Rotorua 70L/75L/80L/85L $44.00
Taupo/Rotorua 90L/95L/100L/105L $54.00
Taupo/Rotorua 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $88.00
Taupo/Rotorua 200L/250L/300L/350L $109.00
Taupo/Rotorua 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $315.00
Taupo/Rotorua 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Taupo/Rotorua 2000L P.O.A
Tauranga Minimum $105.00
Tauranga P3/1L/1.5L $1.20
Tauranga P5/2L $1.40
Tauranga P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.70
Tauranga P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $2.60
Tauranga P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $9.00
Tauranga P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $13.00
Tauranga 20L/25L $24.00
Tauranga 30L/35L $27.00
Tauranga 40L/45L $36.00
Tauranga 50L/55L/60L/65L $57.00
Tauranga 70L/75L/80L/85L $57.00
Tauranga 90L/95L/100L/105L $70.00
Tauranga 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $103.00
Tauranga 200L/250L/300L/350L $130.00
Tauranga 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $355.00
Tauranga 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Tauranga 2000L P.O.A
Wairarapa Minimum $80.00
Wairarapa P3/1L/1.5L $0.90
Wairarapa P5/2L $1.00
Wairarapa P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.20
Wairarapa P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $1.50
Wairarapa P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $8.00
Wairarapa P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $10.00
Wairarapa 20L/25L $16.00
Wairarapa 30L/35L $22.00
Wairarapa 40L/45L $28.00
Wairarapa 50L/55L/60L/65L $41.00
Wairarapa 70L/75L/80L/85L $41.00
Wairarapa 90L/95L/100L/105L $51.00
Wairarapa 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $80.00
Wairarapa 200L/250L/300L/350L $100.00
Wairarapa 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $277.00
Wairarapa 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Wairarapa 2000L P.O.A
Wellington/Lower North Island Minimum $80.00
Wellington/Lower North Island P3/1L/1.5L $0.90
Wellington/Lower North Island P5/2L $1.00
Wellington/Lower North Island P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.20
Wellington/Lower North Island P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $2.00
Wellington/Lower North Island P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $8.00
Wellington/Lower North Island P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $10.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 20L/25L $16.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 30L/35L $22.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 40L/45L $28.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 50L/55L/60L/65L $41.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 70L/75L/80L/85L $41.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 90L/95L/100L/105L $51.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $80.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 200L/250L/300L/350L $100.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $277.00
Wellington/Lower North Island 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Wellington/Lower North Island 2000L P.O.A
Whakatane Minimum $105.00
Whakatane P3/1L/1.5L $1.20
Whakatane P5/2L $1.40
Whakatane P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.70
Whakatane P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $2.60
Whakatane P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $9.00
Whakatane P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $13.00
Whakatane 20L/25L $24.00
Whakatane 30L/35L $27.00
Whakatane 40L/45L $36.00
Whakatane 50L/55L/60L/65L $57.00
Whakatane 70L/75L/80L/85L $57.00
Whakatane 90L/95L/100L/105L $70.00
Whakatane 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $103.00
Whakatane 200L/250L/300L/350L $130.00
Whakatane 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $355.00
Whakatane 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Whakatane 2000L P.O.A
Whanganui Minimum $80.00
Whanganui P3/1L/1.5L $0.90
Whanganui P5/2L $0.90
Whanganui P6.5/P8/2.5L/3L/3.5L/4L/4.5L/5L/5.5L $1.00
Whanganui P12/6L/6.5L/7L/7.5L $1.40
Whanganui P18/8L/8.5L/9L/9.5L/10L/10.5L $7.00
Whanganui P28/11L/11.5L/12L/12.5L/13L/13.5L/14L/14.5L/15L/15.5L/16L/16.5L/17L/17.5L $9.00
Whanganui 20L/25L $15.00
Whanganui 30L/35L $21.00
Whanganui 40L/45L $27.00
Whanganui 50L/55L/60L/65L $40.00
Whanganui 70L/75L/80L/85L $40.00
Whanganui 90L/95L/100L/105L $50.00
Whanganui 120L/125L/130L/135L/140L/145L/150L/155L/160L/165L $79.00
Whanganui 200L/250L/300L/350L $99.00
Whanganui 400L/450L/500L/550L/600L/650L $275.00
Whanganui 700L/750L/800L/850L/900L/950L/1000L/1500L P.O.A
Whanganui 2000L P.O.A


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Terms of Trade + -

This is the most up-to-date version of our terms of trade and cancels all previous printed and digital versions. Prices quoted exclude GST. GST will be shown separately on each invoice. Prices shown are net at nursery and are subject to change without notice.

Freighting: Leafland Limited has a great network of freighting companies who deliver trees New Zealand wide. Remote/rural addresses usually incur a surcharge, but this is set at the trucking company's discretion. Delivery times and freight charges are subject to change without notice. Trees will be delivered in a large curtain-side truck approximately 4.2m high x 9m long. Truck drivers will deliver trees within 5m of access, where access is determined at the driver's discretion. Drivers are not responsible for moving trees around a customer's property. Customers are responsible for organising unloading to and transporting around their property of large and/or bulky trees as required.

Claims and Replacements: All trees are dispatched uninsured and at the buyer's risk. Claims for damages must be made within a week of receiving the trees. Once Leafland Limited has verified the claim, we will seek to replace or refund the damaged trees. After a week of receiving the trees, Leafland Limited will not be liable for any damage or death that occurs to the trees.

Returns: Once an order is completed and dispatched, if a customer then changes their mind, the trees must be returned to Leafland Limited, and the customer will pay the cost of transport in both directions. Refunds for the trees will only be paid once Leafland Limited have received the trees and verified they are in good condition. A return to stock charge may be added at Leafland Limited's discretion.

Credit Application: Please complete our credit application form and scan and email it back.

Payment: For customers who have completed a credit application with Leafland Limited, payment is due on the 20th of the month following dispatch. For non-account customers payment is to be made either when the order is collected or before the order is freighted.

Quotes: All quotes expire after one month. If the quoted prices have changed after the quote was issued, the new prices apply after the quote expiry date.

Deposits to Secure Stock: Leafland Limited encourage forward orders to ensure you get the stock you require. A 50% deposit may be required to hold trees for a month or longer. If the trees are not collected by the agreed date, Leafland Limited reserves the right to charge a holding fee at our discretion. Any cancellations of orders will result in a 20% cancellation fee, with the remainder of the deposit being refunded.

Ownership: Goods remain the property of Leafland Limited until paid for in full.

Overdue Accounts: Interest at 2% per month may be charged on overdue accounts. Leafland Limited may, at its discretion, forward details of any amounts outstanding and overdue for payment, to a recovery agent for the purpose of effecting collection of any monies owing. Should Leafland Limited utilize the service of a recovery agent, you, the customer, undertake to make payment of all debt collection costs in regard to any monies owed by you.

Information: All information about the trees on our website and printed media is given in good faith, but we give no guarantee as to the outcome of the final product as it is subject to natural variables beyond our control.

Tree Suitability: It is the customer's responsibility to thoroughly and fully research the desired trees before purchasing from Leafland Limited. The customer takes full responsibility to ensure the desired trees are suitable for their site (including, but not limited to, wind tolerance, livestock protection, moisture tolerance, height clearance, and drought tolerance).

Leafland Limited take the greatest care to have all trees dispatched true to name but will give no warranty as to growth or description. As we have no control over the environment the trees are planted in, the way they are planted, or the way they are cared for, we do not undertake to replace any failures that occur from incorrect planting, planting in an unsuitable environment, or the trees not being cared for properly.

Placing an order with Leafland Limited constitutes full acceptance of the above terms of trade.