Street Tree Suggestion Book

Click on the cover image to view in full screen . With pages and pages of suggested trees and useful information you decision making will be alot easier.

Street trees provide social, economic and environmental benefits, including:

A safety zone between traffic and people,
it is said vehicle speeds are often lower in tree-lined streets.

Eco Friendly
Trees provide majority of the oxygen we breathe. Their root systems absorb water which helps regulate rainwater run-off, reducing the risk of local flooding. As well as helping to cool off the water which otherwise can become quite warm, damaging river systems as it drains away.

Trees provide shelter from wind and rain and shade in the summer. Cooling down properties, people and the tarceal on the road, meaning roads will last longer and ultimately less costs involved in the future.

Pleasing areas/ Increased Property value
It is claimed that tree-lined streets increase the value of houses, especially avenues of established trees. They create a different atmospheric feel season to season as well as the character they bring to a space particularly in more urban locations where placement has been creatively thought out. People are more inclined to gather and spend time in these spaces which is great for the local surrounding businesses.