Image showing Pro-Pot grades available, from left to right: 35L,45L,50L,90L

Leafland are very aware of the need to look more closely at container growing methods used for advanced grade trees in NZ. We understand how important it is that a tree planted out has a good healthy root system which will quickly establish to ensure the tree won’t fail.

Much research has been done on this subject and it is very challenging to decide on the best practical, sustainable and cost effective way to grow advanced grade trees that will also meet the customers’ demands, expectations and remain price competitive. In the past we have done trials with Air-Pruned pots, and featured these in our annual wholesale catalogue. We imported 2,000 of these pots, and while they actually do a great job on root control, and the trees plant out very well and establish quickly, we didn’t actually have a single request from any of our customers asking that we grow trees in this way for them (perhaps due to the extra costs of around 15%). Also, the staff preferred not to use them due to the amount of time they took to assemble and the fact they are quite difficult to handle. The freight companies didn’t like them because they tended to damage other trees if rubbing occurred in transit. So we looked again!


We have been looking at other methods with an aim of achieving the same positive results the Air-Pruned pots gave, and this search resulted in our new use of Pro-Pots (as seen in the pictures). These are more expensive than growing trees in easy lift bags, but produce an air pruned root system, which means no curling root systems. They are easy to use as no assembly is required. Leafland’s goal is to grow trees in these in 25L, 35L, 50L and 90L grades, and at dispatch remove the trees from the pots and put the root ball into a biodegradable hessian easy-lift bag with handles for planting. These hessian transport bags will able to be planted into the ground and will decompose within a few months, leaving no rubbish to contend with. The pots will be washed and recycled, making this system a far more superior and sustainable way to grow advanced grade trees.

We are looking for expressions of interest from Councils and Contractors to grow trees in Air Prune side slot pots for Winter 2017.

Please give us a call or email us details, we are keen to discuss this.

A video explaining the Pro-Pots growing system in depth including its benefits and how to plant with the Pro- Pots growing system can be found below.
Watch our Informative ProPots video