At Leafland we grow large grade quality specimen trees which we send all over NZ. Our range includes over 450 different types of trees which range from NZ Natives , Edibles and Exotics. These are grown at our two sites in Palmerston North which cover approx. 33 acres . Our customers include many councils, landscapers, schools and large private gardens


Overview of Nurseries


The best way - 'Pro Pots Advanced Growing System'

Our Nurseries

Main Branch – 1 Roberts Line, Palmerston North

Our property spans over many acres and three different locations, accommodating over 70,000 individual trees. Our stock is continually turned over, and at different stages of growth. The smallest bag size we sell is PB 18. (Pint Bag, 18 = 18 Pints of volume), and the largest bag is 1000L (Litres).

Contract Branch – 710 Napier Road, Palmerston North (Whakarongo Site)

Our Whakarongo site is a 20 acre block which used to be an old berry farm. We purchased this in 2013 and have been developing the site to grow trees. We have over 20,000 trees on this site now.

Leafland Main Office

Leafland Main Branch Office
Leafland Main Branch Office

Whakarongo Nursery

Whakarongo Nursery Aerial Image
Whakarongo Nursery

Quality Specimen Trees

sales@leafland.co.nz | 0800 532 352


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Feel free to send in pictures of your planted trees you have purchased from us, we love to see them planted and growing well. Please email them to sales@leafland.co.nz